Why I am so happy with SiteGround hosting


WP Mission runs on SiteGround and uses their exclusive dynamic caching.

Notice how fast it is? Unlike some 3rd-party caching plugins, their caching detects when a page has changed and automatically updates the cache which means I don’t have to remember to do so. There is also a single button in my admin bar for flushing the entire cache.

That’s all I need. No myriad options, no advanced configuration that I might (will) screw up, nothing in the way — just caching pure and simple with immediately visible results. It takes caching out of WordPress and puts it where it belongs: on the server, so WordPress can do what it does best: manage your content.

From a technical standpoint, it doesn’t hurt that they’re running robust servers designed for WordPress.

Read more about SiteGround caching here.

I’ve used many hosts over the years and I’m sold on SiteGround. It’s fast, secure, affordable, and the support is outstanding. And you know how important support is to me!

Aside from fast support response times and thorough resolution, perhaps the single greatest service they offer is they will transfer your site for free. We all know how much of a headache that can be.

SiteGround has removed the obstacles because they want you as a customer.