Debug This 0.5

This version adds some important error handling and a few new features.

While it may be a great debugging tool, it is still a plugin and therefore subject to unexpected results from the WordPress functions it relies on. Fortunately, in some cases, WordPress catches errors and returns the related error message when it cannot return the intended results. Debug This now displays this error message and carries on.

In addition, the plugin is now compatible with the excellent Kint debug tool for organizing and isolating nested arrays and objects. One of these plugins is required:
Kint Debugger | Kint PHP Debugger

Other new features:

  • Updated for WordPress 4.4+ and tested in 4.7.
  • Modes were added for listing unserialized options (better than options.php) and active plugins.
  • Compatible with custom error logs.
  • The Bootstrap stylesheet was removed in favor of a single lightweight stylesheet.

If you have any questions or ideas for new debug modes, please use the plugin support forum or submit a support ticket here.