How to hide Yoast SEO meta boxes

In Yoast SEO Version 3

Custom post types have a “public” setting which controls how the type is visible to authors and readers.

Yoast SEO adds various options to all post types and taxonomies that are public which makes sense most of the time. But some custom post types and taxonomies don’t need SEO, like support tickets or members-only tutorials, but still need other public features like search and nav menus.

So until WordPress devises a “public-without-SEO” option, in order to remove the unused SEO options we have to disable them for each post type or taxonomy that doesn’t need them.

If you Google “how to remove the meta box in Yoast SEO”, which I did this morning :), you will find a few articles on adding code snippets on the add_meta_boxes action hook. This is no longer necessary for Yoast. Google has failed you :/

Fortunately, Yoast SEO provides a single setting to show or hide its options for each post type.


To remove the meta box from a certain post type, go to admin > SEO > Titles & Meta screen and select the Post Types tab. Find your post type and check the “Yoast SEO Meta Box: Hide” option. This will also remove the “SEO Scores” filter at the top of the post admin list.

You can also do the same for any standard or custom taxonomies.