Strong Testimonials 2.15

Version 2.15 introduces new slideshow options and fixes some minor bugs. The slideshow always seemed like an afterthought in the original version and was overdue for an overhaul. I chose a new slider script (the “engine” so to speak) used by many themes and plugins due to its modern features and codebase.

The conversion was challenging and took longer than expected but it was well worth the effort, both in terms of features for you and maintenance for me. :)

New features include:

  • adjusting the height for each slide (instead of setting the height to match the tallest slide), a highly requested feature
  • starting the slideshow automatically or not
  • vertical or horizontal scroll
  • more navigation options like Play/Pause buttons and pagination

I recommend making a backup before updating the plugin. The update process should convert your existing slideshows to the new settings so they will appear the same on your site. However, I recommend checking each view and the front-end page they’re on to be sure there were no problems. Start a support ticket if anything went wrong.